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2012 Anzac Day blog challenge

Australians and New Zealanders know ANZAC Day - 25 April - as a national day of remembrance for Australian and New Zealanders who died during armed conflict.

Last year, we ran a blog challenge that was very successful -  we invited Australians and New Zealanders to write about their Anzacs, in celebration of their life and in commemoration of their service and their sacrifice. Not all the stories were of people who died. Sacrifice comes in all forms. Not all of the stories were of family members.

Do you have a story to share about an ANZAC? We'd like to hear about not only their sacrifice, but the way it shaped their family history. Maybe you want to blog from the perspective of those that were left behind?
To participate Write a blog post about an Australian or New Zealander serviceman or woman's family, and the impact war had on their family history
Post a comment with the URL to your blog on the comments section of this page. Or if you don't have a blog then email us yo…