The Apprentice exhibition

Photo credit: Ted Scott, 'The Hole in the Wall Gang'
The Apprentice is a black & white photographic exhibition of London in the 1960s, taken by well known West Auckland landscape photographer, Ted Scott.

From 7 to 30 June at West Auckland Research Centre, JT Diamond Room, Floor 2, Waitakere Central Library, 3 Ratanui St, Henderson.

Ted Scott will be giving a gallery talk on Wednesday, the13th June from 1-1.30pm.

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  1. Well worth a visit to this show. The images are really striking - each one demands a story. I recommend attending the Artist Talks if you would like to hear Ted's account - equally view the images and make up your own!

  2. Review of the exhibition in the Wester Leader:
    (please copy & paste the link into your browser to view the article)


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