Discovery at the Bavarian State Library

The Vatican has reported that 29 previously unpublished homilies, said to be the work of the third century theologian Origen of Alexandria have been discovered in the Bavarian State Library, by an Italian scholar.

Origen was one of the most important and prolific early church fathers. He is considered to have played a critical role in the development of Christian thought. His importance was reflected by Pope Benedict XVI, who dedicated two of his weekly church teaching sessions in 2007 to the importance of Origen's life and work.

Despite Origen's importance, few of his original texts remain, in part because he was post-humously condemned in the fifth century by the Ecumenical Council of Constantinople.

The Greek manuscript dates from the 12th century and has already been digitised by the Bavarian State Library and is available online (just enter "Homiliae in psalmos" into the search box).

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