Anne Frank exhibition with NZ perspective

'Anne Frank: A History for Today' is the latest exhibition at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. This touring exhibition runs until 22 October, after which time it will go to Australia.

Exhibits include photographs of the Anne Frank and her  family and the other occupants of the secret annex, that they occupied for two years before being betrayed and discovered by the Nazis.

New content has also been developed by the Auckland War Memorial Museum to accompany the touring pieces. This including a diary from the Jewish German-born Egon Schoenberger, who settled in New Zealand just as WWII was beginning. Schoenberger was one of only 100 Jews that were allowed to settle in New Zealand. The diary and other papers were donated to the museum by the Schoenberger family a few years ago.

Ref: NZ Map 6508, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The newly translated diary and letters from the museum’s archives tell the personal story of Schoenberger’s journey to New Zealand and his gradual discovery of the events that were unfolding in his home country – the confiscation of his family’s business and then the fate of his mother and sister.
Egon’s story is also being told online through the museum's blog.

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