Change to the Sound Archives

It has been ammounced that day to day responsibility for Radio New Zealand’s Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero is to be transferred to The New Zealand Film Archive Ngā Kaitiaki O Ngā Taonga Whitiāhua. A transfer agreement has been signed, and takes effect from 1 October 2012.

The sound archives operation will continue to be based in Christchurch and all current Sound Archives staff have been offered employment with the Film Archive.

However, concern has been expressed by some around this decision. The National Film Archive is not covered by any legislation but is a charitable trust. Therefore, it has been argued that an opportunity has been missed to ensure the preservation and protection of material other than text and image, through legislative mandate.

Ref: AWNS-18980930--4-1, Sir George Grey Special Collections
On a positive note, an extra $300,000 per annum is being made available for sound archiving and a one-off sum of $1 million will be provided over the next two financial years. This extra funding will be used to digitise New Zealand’s valuable audio heritage.

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