Daguerreotype of the poet Emily Dickinson found

A daguerreotype, which is believed to be an exceedingly rare image of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) has been found in the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections. Amherst, which is in Massachusetts (USA) was the hometown of the prolific and reclusive poet.

The image from 1859 shows two young women seated next to each other. It is believed that this is Dickinson in her late 20s (on the left) and her friend Kate Scott Turner (on the right).

Currently, the well-known image of the poet as a teenager taken in 1847 is the only authenticated image (see below). The college has run numerous tests on the 1859 daguerreotype. This includes facial comparison with the earlier image and comparison of her clothing in the image with fabric samples found in the Emily Dickinson Museum's textile collection.

Ref: Emily Dickinson, 1847, Wikimedia Commons
Find out more and check out the limited edition 1998 printing of 'Compound frame: seven poems' by Dickinson, in the Sir George Grey Special Collections, Central City Library.