Heritage of the Printed Book database

The Heritage of the Printed Book database, which was previously called the Hand Press Book Database, is a steadily growing collection of high level files of catalogue records from major European and North American research libraries. It includes items from the European hand-press printing period  of c.1455 to c.1830.

The database now contains over three million records of books and searches go across 22 contributing institutions. Every year further files are added, while others are updated.

This system makes it possible for information to be retrieved in one single search across all files and is therefore an important research tool for a variety of different practitioners from librarians to academics.

A subscription fee for access to the database applies. Find out more and read about the contents and resources.
Ref: AWNS-19250402-49-1, Sir George Grey Special Collections


  1. thank you very much for your blog post. CERL would welcome members of New Zealand and Australia to join its organisation.
    There are real synergies in our collections, and we would love to put the collections from NZ and Australia side by side with those from Europe and North America.
    Marian Lefferts
    CERL Executive Manager


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