Newspaper family trees

Did you know that newspapers can have family trees? Newspapers, like family dynasties, are founded, form alliances, grow to maturity and ultimately either fail or flourish.

One example is the South Auckland Courier, the ancestor of the present-day Eastern Courier, Manukau Courier and Papakura Courier titles. This was originally founded in 1939, ceased during the war, and resumed publication in 1946. Over the following decades, it absorbed or gave birth to a number of different local titles. It also changed its name frequently. This is its family tree:

Ref: Family tree of the South Auckland Courier (incorporating the Waiuku News, Franklin Times, and South Auckland News Advertiser), South Auckland Research Centre
Most of the titles listed here are held by South Auckland Research Centre. If we don't have it, we can tell you where to find it.

Author: Bruce Ringer, South Auckland Research Centre