Diwali and Delhi

Spice up your life and celebrate Diwali, Festival of Lights! Auckland's Diwali Festival was celebrated on 13-14 October in Aotea Square, whilst Auckland Libraries is celebrating the festival from 1-15 November with something for everyone. This year, the official date for celebration is today, 13 November 2012.

Ref: AWNS-19100915-15-1, Sir George Grey Special Collections
With this important annual festival in mind, this post is dedicated to Delhi, the capital city and political hub of this large country. Delhi draws huge numbers of tourists each year, who come to visit its many attractions such as the Red fort, Jantar-mantar and Qutub minar.

Ref: AWNS-19290328-37-2, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Delhi has a long history as a capital city, spanning the Maurya dynasty (2nd -3rd BC), the Mughal emperors (1600 AD until 1847) and the British Raj from around 1650 until 1947, after which India became independent from British colonial rule.

Ref: AWNS-19420408-22-4, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Check out Auckland Liraries' heritage resources relating to Delhi and India, including: documents which can be accessed through Manuscripts Online plus books (Auckland Libraries Classic Catalogue) and a wealth of photos available through Heritage Images.