Humourous archival footage from the vaults of British Pathé

From the vaults of British Pathé come comical audio visual treats, some of which are intentionally funny and others which are amusing through our contemporary eyes. Here is a selection of humorous archival footage, enjoy!

If you can think of it, British Pathé may very well have footage of it .... For example, there is a glut of lion related archival footage, from the1934 footage of a lion perching on the side of car whilst being driven around a 'wall of death' motordrome to the strange footage from 1933 of lions eating a car!

Ref: 35-R167, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Popular culture is also well covered. During the early 1960s, the popularity of The Beatles sparked the productions of wigs in the style of the fab four's famous hair cuts. This short and rather comical clip from 1963 shows a visit to a factory, frantically producing these wigs in time for Christmas. Whilst the 1950s footage of the Betram Mills Circus showcases the stiff and formal reporting style from this time, despite the light nature of this short feature.

Ref: 31-57648, Sir George Grey Special Collections
JTD-11K-01350-3, West Auckland Research Centre
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