WW1 from the vaults of British Pathé

British Pathé  has exceedingly rich and comprehensive WW1 archives. The online collection showcases just a small selection of material available.

Ref: 31-G515, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Subjects of the archival war footage include: wartime propaganda, trench warfare, zeppelins, battleships, U-boats, protests against conscription and horrifying footage of shell shock victims.

Ref: 35-R265, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The British Pathé website also has a section entitled WW1: 10 telling images depicting hard hitting imagery from 'the war to end all wars'.

Ref: JTD-04K-03812, West Auckland Research Centre
The British Pathé blog is also well worth a read. With the build up to the start of the centenary commemorations in mind, many posts are focused on WW1, the institution's WW1 archives and footage from other wars.

Ref: 4-1515C, Sir George Grey Special Collections