Cryers / Allens Wharf

Heritage Asset of the Week from Auckland Council is a ‘cryers’ for help. It is not my intention to keep highlighting council heritage assets in distress but Cryers or Allens Wharf is a small, historic stone wharf facing an uncertain future.

Dating from c.1890, it was originally known as Allens Wharf and from 1898 as Cryers Wharf after adjoining landowners. Used by the local community to ship farm produce by scow, it is now a regionally rare example of the many small wharves and jetties that served local communities and farm properties until the early 20th century.

Ref: Footprints 01382, South Auckland Research Centre
It is protected in the Auckland Council Regional Plan (Coastal). It is located on the south bank of the Pakuranga Creek, about 200m south of the Ti Rakau Drive bridge in the Stonedon Drive Esplanade Reserve, Burswood. It’s best viewed from the other side of the creek.

Ref: 4-5445, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The wharf was damaged earlier this year and the Heritage Unit is working with our Parks and Property Departments on its future. Just one of the many heritage assets owned or managed by Auckland Council on behalf of the community.

Author: Rebecca Harfield, Heritage Assets Advisor, Auckland Council