End of the Golden Weather

Bruce Edward George Mason, (28 September 1921 – 31 December 1982)

At 10am on Christmas Day at the Takapuna Beach Reserve, there will be a free presentation of a scene from Bruce Mason’s play entitled 'End of the Golden Weather'.

The scene which will be enacted, is set in the 1930’s on Takapuna Beach (Te Parenga in the play) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The work captures the feeling of a semi-rural, laid back Takapuna in the 1930s, when it was still a village.

Ref: T5502, Takapuna beach, North Auckland Research Centre
Bruce Mason spent his formative years in Takapuna and he attended Belmont School and Takapuna Grammar. 'End of the Golden Weather' was based nostalgically on his Takapuna childhood.  It covers the excitement of small boys anticipating Christmas and the show they present for their parents and relations on Christmas Eve. The main character, Geoff Crome, is 12 years old and against his father’s warning he befriends the strange Firpo, helping him train for a run on the beach.

Bruce performed 'End of the Golden Weather' nearly 1000 times, including in Britain, the United States and Edinburgh.

Ref: T1529, Bruce Mason with his mother, donated by Diana Mason, North Auckland Research Centre
This is the seventh year playwright and North Shore resident Roger Hall has organized this event on Takapuna Beach, and it will be performed by actor Stephan Lovatt.

If weather conditions are poor, the performance will transfer to the War Memorial Hall on the Strand, next to the library.

Auckland Libraries has a number of heritage resources by or about Bruce Mason and his works, which are found in the research centres around the region.

Author: Vanessa Seymour, North Auckland Research Centre