Filmland Neuseeland screenings

The “Filmland Neuseeland” programme was presented at the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt this October, as part of the cultural activities accompanying New Zealand’s Guest of Honour role at the Frankfurt Book Fair (see blog post 27 August 2012).

The programme is a result of research carried out by NZ Film Archive Nga Kaitiaki O Ngā Taonga Whitiāhua staff Lawrence McDonald, Diane Pivac and Frank Stark for the book, 'New Zealand Film: An Illustrated History' (2011).

The Film Archive are sharing this sample of our nation’s film history with New Zealand audiences and there are screening schedules listed at the end of this post.

Ref: 43-PRO, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The selection covers New Zealand film from the early silent period up to the turn of the 20th century. It includes a mix of features, documentaries, short films and illustrates the emergence of a distinctive style of film making and storytelling. 

The “Filmland Neuseeland” screening schedule includes the following:

  • Thursday 6 December, 7pm - 'Runaway' (John O’Shea, 1964), preceded by the short film 'Bowl Me Over' (Lissa Mitchell, 1995).
  • Friday 7 December, 7pm - 'Forgotten Silver' (Costa Botes & Peter Jackson, 1995), preceded by a selection of short films made by early pioneer film makers
  • Saturday 8 December, 7pm - 'War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us' (Gaylene Preston, 1995), preceded by 'Dead Letters' (Paolo Rotondo, 2006)
  • Wednesday 12 December, 7pm - 'Ngāti' (Barry Barclay, 1987), preceded by the short film 'O Tamaiti' (Sima Urale, 1996)
  • Thursday 13 December, 7pm - 'Sleeping Dogs' (Roger Donaldson, 1977)
  • Friday 14 December, 7pm - 'Patu!' (Merata Mita, 1983)
  • Saturday 15 December, 7pm - 'Goodbye Pork Pie' (Geoff Murphy, 1981)