Sandy Storyline

Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary about Hurricane Sandy and efforts to recover and rebuild neighbourhoods.

The team behind the project are also working with lots of artists, media makers and audio story tellers to collect stories in sound, photographs, and written stories. Plus they are setting up workshops geared towards youth empowerment and leadership development through storytelling.

Ref: AWNS-19350313-53-1, Sir George Grey Special Collections
If you want to participate or just follow the project, this can be done in a number of different ways:
  • Tell a friend, tweet, share, like, link @michaelpremo and follow the project @sandystoryline
  • Submit a story by sending a high res cell phone pic along with a few lines of reflection, memory, jokes (see the website for more information). The team are working on sorting out video submission and this should hopefully be available in the future.
  • Join the project as a media maker collecting stories.
  • If you work with youth or as a teacher, then contact the team and they can arrange for students to submit their own stories.
  • Help out with administrative work, tech development, social media and a bunch of other things.
Ref: AWNS-19110504-12-2, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Please email if you are interested.

Share a moment. Share an image. Share a reflection. Share a vision for the future.