Waka and Augustus Hamilton

The University of Waikato Library has recently added 'The Canoes of the Māori'  to its range of digital collections.

Ref: 4-2610, Sir George Grey Special Collections
 'The art workmanship of the Māori race in New Zealand' (1901) by Augustus Hamilton (1853-1913) contains a sizeable section dedicated to Māori waka. This includes lithographic plates showing parts of the waka, scale plans and diagrams. Also included is a a chart of information about the landing locations of the first waka to arrive in Aotearoa New Zealand, the kaumatua (chiefs) who were on board and the iwi (tribes) claiming descent.

'The Canoes of the Māori' is a digitisation of the waka section from Hamilton’s book. It also includes links to other online publications, basic key word searching and download functionality.

Ref: 4-1592, Sir George Grey Special Collections
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