Footprints in time

New and expanded versions of the Auckland Libraries heritage databases Footprints and Manukau’s Journey have just been released.

Footprints includes more than 5,000 photographs and other images relating to the South Auckland and the Counties Manukau area.

A unique feature of Footprints is the facility it offers to browse the online collection via various themes – Agriculture, Community Life, Education, Leisure, Politics, Religion, Transport, Work. The new edition has added three new themes: ‘Maori’, ‘Pasifika’, and ‘Cultural Diversity’. These enable the user to quickly browse through images relating to Maori and Pacific Island people and other ethnic groups.

Ref: Footprints search screen

Manukau’s Journey is a chronology of significant events in the Counties Manukau region. With the release of the new edition, it now chronicles a total of 7,092 events,  taking the story from earliest times through to February 2013.

Ref: Manukau's Journey home page
Author: Bruce Ringer, South Auckland Research Centre