Mix & Mash - the competition is on!

Calling all creative types,  Digital NZ, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, the National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga O Aotearo Want You!

Ref: 1-W1594, NZ Army Recruiting Station, Queen Street, 1917, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Mix & Mash is on the hunt for your compelling narratives. Mix and what .........? A mashup is a web page, site or application made by combining data or functionality from two or more sources to create something new. A remix is a new version of a song, book, picture, video (you name it) made by adding to, or otherwise changing the original version (licence permitting of course). Its a bit like cooking, you add in the ingredients, throw in some imagination and wait and see what you get!

Ref: AWNS-18990414-7-1, men preparing potatoes in a military camp, 1899, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Mix & Mash 2013 will be running three showcases across the year with some Supreme Awards at the end. Friday 10th May is the deadline for the first showcase (the next are in August and November), so what are you waiting for?

The theme for the May Showcase is Stories about the past. Need some inspiration? Here are some content ideas, check out previous winners from 2010 and 2011 and the compelling 'A Grandmother' entry by Candy Elsmore entry, which won the Supreme Creative Remix Award. And don't forget that Auckland Libraries has some fabulous online heritage content including photo databases such as Footprints, Heritage Images and  Local History Online.

To enter the competition all you need to do is take New Zealand open content and data and creatively use it to tell something totally incredible, this can be real or completely made up. It can be a new visualisation, a piece of writing, a video or any other creation that shows off your skills. The competition is also a great basis for kids school projects.

Ref: 31-57980, Mr McFarlane wearing Northern Steamship Company cap, 1909, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Have a read through the Getting started page, make sure you read the rules, put your thinking cap on (with or without optional moustache) and get going!