NZ Music Month

NZ Music Month (1-31 May) is Auckland Libraries' annual month-long celebration of what music means to Kiwis. The library offers a wide range of free music services, and NZ Music Month is a great time to explore what we have to offer. Check out the events that are happening during the month.

Ref: 31-WP1464, Verbruggen musical group, 1920-1929, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The Auckland Libraries' catalogue includes a large range of printed music resources in the heritage collections around the region. Whilst the Heritage Images, Manuscripts Online and Ephemera Index databases showcase the photographs, unpublished material (such as letters), posters, music programnes and other musical content in the Sir George Grey Special Collections at the Central City Library (just enter the keyword music into the search boxes of the databases).

Ref: 4-8902, Jean Richardson playing the piano, c.1915, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Remember the mix tape? Well, if you are feeling all nostalgic for the inventive arrangement of music that you used to put together as a kid to impress someone or show them that you cared, then check out Alexander Turnbull Library's second annual NZ Music Month mix tape of new born digital music acquisitions with a CC license.