2014 Trans-Tasman Anzac Day blog challenge honour roll

Here at the Central Auckland Research Centre, we have been enjoying reading the wonderful blog posts that have been submitted for our annual Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge.

Its important to note that we commemorate Anzac Day - we don't celebrate it.

Some of the blogs are about fallen or wounded soldiers as you might expect.

Out of a population of just over a million, 120,000 New Zealanders served in WWI - of which 18,500 died (2700 at Gallipoli) and 41,000 were wounded.

Pauleen Cass' contribution to the Worldwide Genealogy blog tells us that out of a population of 4.9 million Australians, 416,809 enlisted for WWI - 58,961 of whom died and 166,811 were wounded.

A couple posts are to do with soldiers who died due to illness - the measles epidemic at the Trentham training camp as happened with Edward Tunnecliffe and so many others; and also the post-war Spanish influenza epidemic as with William Gowans.

Imagine enlisting thinking you were going off to train for war duties only to die before you left the country.

Or having survived the war and the horrible conditions, only to die at the end due to the influenza epidemic.

One returned serviceman Ernest Weeks died post-war under mysterious circumstances. Was it suicide? HIghly possible is the conclusion. Sadly loads of soldiers died this way.

A couple of the posts dealt with mysteries that needed to be solved:- like who were Jack Russell and Leslie Leister?

Keith Ferguson died a POW in Borneo until just before the end of WWII, and while we don't have any specific information about what happened during his captivity, we know a little from other records about what life must have been like for him.

The post Postcards to the Front, gives a different perspective on the war. As well as leaving us wanting to know who Ena was, and how she came to be sending Frederick Charles Fisher postcards that he didn't seem to answer; it gives us insight into the types of relationships that may have been formed during the war if we use our imaginations. Did Ena wonder where Frederick was in years to come post-war?

Some bloggers like Sandy are concerned about the condition of our nation's family memorials. She writes in The plight of family memorials about her concerns that so many appear to be either neglected or vandalised. A concern she also shares with her article in Stuff Nation.

Some bloggers entered more than one post, or wrote about more than one person.

Most of them had wonderful photos and copies of documents to share with us.

I hope you enjoy reading our bloggers research, and I hope some of their research gives you ideas of where you might search for information for your own.

Blog Honour Roll

Frederick Charles Fisher AIF & Ena Postcards to the Front, WWI
Family history across the seas
Pauleen Cass (@cassmob)

Keith Davey Ferguson, AMF, d Jul 1945, POW WWII
But mostly about cats
Neale Ferguson (@nealeferguson)

William James Gowans, AIF, wounded returned serviceman WWI, died influenza epidemic 1919
Jill Ball (@GeniAus)

Edward George Tunnecliffe, d Oct 1916, measles epidemic, Trentham
iwiKiwi - A Kiwi in search of her Irish, English and Scottish tribes
Maggie (@iwikiwichick)

Ernest William, veteran WWI, died post-war Aug 1919
From Helen V Smith's Keyboard
Helen Smith (@HVSresearch)

Francis Kitto, d Nov 1918; Ernest Eric Scott Kitto, veteran WWII, d 2000
Fran (@TravelGenee)

Walter Kinghorn, d Oct 1917, Byaduk
Western Districts Families
Merron Riddiford (@mezzza68)

James Gavin d Jul 1916 Fromelles; James Paterson: d Apr 1917 Noreuil; Sydney Pentland: d Nov 1915 Gallipoli; Donald Black Pentland: d Oct 1917 Ypres; Jack Gavin: d Jun 1917 Messines.
Worldwide Genealogy - A Genealogical Collaboration
Pauleen Cass (@cassmob)

Jack Russell/Thomas Henry Adolphus Spencer, veteran WWI & WWII
Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
Shauna Hicks (@HicksShauna)

Malcolm Michael (Mack) Shepherd wounded Aug 1918, France
Family stories, photographs and memories
Diane Hewson (@DianeHewson)

The plight of family memorials
Magna Quies
Sarndra (@Magna_Quies)
See also Sandy's article in Stuff Nation on the subject

Lloyd Morris Geyer
Melville Geyer
Ernest Theodore Geyer
Strong Foundations

Frederick Charles Fisher, AIF, returned serviceman WWI; Leslie Gladstone Fisher, AIF returned serviceman WWI
Family history across the seas
Pauleen Cass (@cassmob)

George Henry Charles CARRETT III, AIF, returned serviceman WWI
Family Tree Frog
Alex Daw (@luvviealex)

Leslie Leister, KIA July 1916, Fromelles, France; RIP 
Anne's Family History
Anne Young

Restyn Walter (Pete) Randell, AIF/RAAF, returned serviceman WWII
Lone Tester HQ
Alona Tester (@LoneTester)

Contributions from the three earlier years:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2014 Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge, to those who re-tweeted, Google+ and Facebooked it for us.

And thanks to you, the reader for helping us commemorate our people

Happy hunting SEONAID

Lest we forget