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Are you a true green Westie? Or perhaps a closet one ..? Then you may be interested to check out one of our images from out West on Historypin.

Ref: Heritage & Research West Auckland content on Historypin, Auckland Libraries
We have 'pinned' a small collection of images of  Massey from the West Auckland Research Centre. They range from a 1968 panoramic photo from the J.T. Diamond collection, to a charming snap of a young boy holding a ‘Land for Sale' sign from the print collection.

You can see these two image below and view the full collection on Historypin map - just visit the Auckland Libraries, Heritage & Research channel page on Historypin and then click on Collections and finally click on ‘Massey’s changing landscape’ or just click here.

Ref: Photographer unknown, land for sale, Royal Road, Massey, 1970, West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries, MASS-P-001
Ref: , JT Diamond, view south-west from the Royal Road motorway overbridge, Massey, 1968, West Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries, JTD-16N-03617-1
Massey is an area which has seen huge amounts of development over the years. Going from this image in 1940:

Ref: Massey in 1940, from Auckland Council GIS Viewer
To this today:

Ref: Massey in 2012, from Auckland Council GIS Viewer
The Auckland Council GIS Viewer (a interactive geospatial map), has a wonderful aerial historic aerial photography layer, which lets you track the changes in an area - you can see more of the changing face of Massey in the aerial images from the council GIS Viewer below. Here are a few more images showing how Massey has developed over the years:

Ref: Massey in 1959, from Auckland Council GIS Viewer
Ref: Massey in 1996, from Auckland Council GIS Viewer
The ‘Massey’s changing landscape’ collection is just the start of what we anticipate will become a treasure trove of images that capture both the history and metamorphosis of this suburb in Auckland’s North West.

Author: Julia Barron, West and Central Auckland Research Centres


  1. John Snashall9 May 2014 at 10:23

    I was brought up in Massey since 1959 (the year I was born). There have been many changes and some of the old identities are still living in the homes they brought back then.


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