Traffic jams

Continuing on in a similar vein as our previous summer holiday themed posts, we thought we would focus on another common experience from the New Zealand summer holidays: traffic jams.

Hopefully you've managed to avoid them over the past few weeks, but if not this selection of images will help add some levity to your memory if you did encounter one.

As these photographs show, traffic jams over the summer holidays are not just a recently occurring phenomenon.

Not an image of a traffic jam per se, but one doesn't look too far off for the other holiday-makers on the West Coast Road that summer's day:

It’s important to remember that the holiday traffic in New Zealand isn't only restricted to humans:

Below are a couple of examples of traffic jams on Auckland's Southern Motorway over the years from the Footprints database:

Here is an image of the Transport Minister, Rob Storey, opening the Bombay Hills extension to the Southern Motorway, in 1993, which was opened to reduce accidents as well as travel times which were not uncommonly over two hours during holiday periods, according to a 2008 NZTA report on Auckland’s motorways. The effectiveness of this is perhaps best discussed over on Transport blog.

In addition to the Motorways and State Highways, popular holiday spots also tend to have to endure many more cars than they are used to:

If you are still on holiday or have chosen to take a break later on in summer, remember to drive safely. And if you are caught in a traffic jam it’s a great opportunity to get through an audiobook or podcast which are, of course, available free from Auckland Libraries.

Author: Andrew Henry