Anne Frank app

BeyondTheStory are a New Zealand developer company specialising in innovative multi media publishing, who are based in the UK. In late January, the company launched an interactive iPad app based on Anne Frank's diary using new digital technology.

65 years after the release of the original, this app creates a new new way to look at the words and life of this extraordinarily brave young girl, who hid in a warehouse in Amsterdam during WW2.

Ref: 1-W1333, Warehouse, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The app allows users to browse at the tap of the screen through audiovisual material; archival images including images of Anne and her family before the war and key events during the war; educational material including dual timelines showing events in Anne's life and the war; maps and 'story trails' and an ebook of the full diary including missing pages found in 1998.

Through the app, users can also gain access to the Anne Frank Fonds archive, which was founded by Anne's father Otto Frank in 1963. Also available on the app, is an introduction by Buddy Elisa, a first cousin of Anne and her only remaining living relative.

Ref: AWNS-19120222-2-4, Amsterdam, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The trailer and walkthrough for the app give a good overview of the richness of this immersive experience and the quality of the source materials used. The curated themes and material give a deep context to Anne's life and the horrific experiences of war and Nazi occupation that she lived through. It is available for $13.99 from iTunes and is authorised by the Anne Frank Fonds.

Ref: AWNS-19431013-21-3, Nazi occupation of Denmark's capital in 1943, Sir George Grey Special Collections