Happy anniversary Auckland Art Gallery

Ref: 1053-5640, Auckland Public Library, 1887, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Happy 125th Anniversary Auckland Art Gallery! When the Auckland Art Gallery first opened on 17 February 1888, it was the first purpose-built public art gallery in New Zealand and described at the time as the first permanent Art Gallery in the Dominion.

Ref: 4-315, Art Gallery, Auckland Public Library c. 1892, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Originally designed by Melbourne architectural firm Grainger and D’Ebro as a public library and municipal offices as well as an art gallery, this landmark building has been remodelled at least four times, mostly recently in 2011.

Ref: 1-W10, Art Gallery, Auckland Public Library, Art Galley and Municipal Offices, 1906,, Sir George Grey Special Collections
As a category A protected heritage place in the legacy Auckland City District Plan (Central Area Section) (Appendix 11, p.1, Ref. No. 306) and registered category 1 historic place by the NZ Historic Places Trust, its 125th anniversary reminds us to appreciate this significant building as a large public artwork in itself.

Ref: 4-2081, Auckland Public Library, Art Gallery and temporary NZ Army recruitment office, c. 1914-1918, Sir George Grey Special Collections

Author: Rebecca Harfield, Heritage Assets Advisor, Auckland Council