PSA Centenary celebrations

2013 marks PSA's centenary. A programme of events throughout the year has been organised across the country. The PSA centenary celebrations will be officially launched in Auckland on 17 April.

To mark this anniversary, the PSA has commissioned an oral history of the union from 1984 to 2012. This publication is due to be published during April and includes a large number of illustrations and content drawn from interviews with PSA members and staff. The main focus of this content is on the events of the late 1980s/1990s and changes to the union during this time.

Ref: AWNS-19000622-5-6, Miners Union, 1900, Sir George Grey Special Collections
 Two books are also being published as part of the celebrations: an oral history of the PSA from 1984 to 2012, and a biography of one of the union’s most influential leaders, Dan Long, who was president (1958-60) and general secretary (1961-76).

Ref: AWNS-19140101-39-1, Old Waterside Workers' Union, 1910, Sir George Grey Special Collections

The current PSA Centenary page includes details on upcoming events and links to the following resources:
One of the events planned, is a conference on the public sector, which is being organised by Victoria University.

Ref: Footprints 03309, Picket, Manukau, 1990, by kind permission of Fairfax Media,  South Manukau Research Centre
The PSA also have a special interactive centenary website planned, which will document the people and events that have shaped the PSA union’s history. The site will include video and audio clips and access to the digitised PSA Journal. The history of the union will also be captured by the The National Film Archive,  through film and TV clips.

Ref: Footprints 03686, PSA agreement, Manukau, 1997, by kind permission of Fairfax Media, South Auckland Research Centre


  1. The PSA centenary website has been launched - please copy & paste this link into your browser:

    The PSA have also commissioned a banner to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The banner, which was created by Wellington textile artist and designer Genevieve Packer, has been officially unveiled and is now on display in Auckland.

    You can watch a video about how Genevieve Packer created the banner - please copy & paste this link into your browser:


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