'Picture This' NSW History Week 2013

This year's theme for NSW History Week 2013 is 'Picture This' and focuses on how photographs have influenced Australia's past. Our world today is highly visual and heavily influenced by imagery.  This event offers a diverse range of material that is representative of how Australian culture has been influenced by photography. It seeks to explore how historians use art and photography to inform their research, and delves into the impact images have had on the formative years of the advertising industry.

If you are lucky enough to be in Sydney from September 7 to 15, there are a number of exhibitions to take in and the full program of events is available on the History Council of New South Wales website.  For those of us who are not so fortunate, several of the exhibitions are viewable as on-line galleries; the featured pictorial displays are Australian Lebanese in the Picture, Through the Lens: Snapshots of Sydney and A Suitcase of Travelling Photographs.

Ref: AWNS-19320615-39-2, Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Auckland Libraries has a selection of Australian themed heritage photographs within the Heritage Images database that can be accessed by simply entering Australia and your subject keywords into the search box. Many newsworthy political, sporting and historical events from 'across the ditch' can be found in the libraries on-line collection.

Ref: AWNS-19080827-9-1, Welcome to Australia, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Ref: AWNS-19100526-2-3, Houdini's machine ready for flight, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Ref: AWNS-19390510-53-2, Koala Motorcade in Sydney, Sir George Grey Special Collections

Author: Karen Samsom, Central Auckland Research Centre