Thursday, February 4, 2016

From Guangdong to Aotearoa : an exhibition of Chinese voices

Opening tomorrow in the J T Diamond Reading Room & Gallery on Level 2 of the Waitakere Central Library is:  "From Guangdong To Aotearoa", an exhibition of Chinese voices, an oral history exhibition by Sue Gee. The exhibition will run, during library hours, from 5 February – 30 April 2016.

“There is a belief that runs strong in the NZ Cantonese community. It’s the idea that through hard work, education and the willingness to take some risk, our children can have a life better than the one left behind in the Cantonese village. In the year 2013, Aotearoa/NZ is peopled with bright young Chinese women who take on jobs of tremendous importance for which they receive great recognition. Much of what they achieve is thanks to the hard work and sacrifices made by their mothers and the women before them.”

Ref: Photograph by King Tong Ho.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about Māori 1970-1975

A collection of 1970s newspaper articles regarding Māori is available to view in the Sir George Grey Special Collections reading room or to search online at Index Auckland. The scrapbooks contain many useful items for whakapapa or historical research, from obituaries to articles promoting the introduction of Māori language teaching in schools. Copies are also available in the Central Research Centre.

Even though the clippings are not precisely dated, nor source newspapers always identified, reading through the Scrapbooks reveals areas of concern and celebration for Māori at that time.