Friday, October 24, 2014

Auckland's Town Hall

The Heritage Images database has a marvelous feature called ‘Through the decades’ that shows how a building and its surroundings change over time. Some of the significant places featured include Albert Park, the Ferry Building and in its prominent Queen Street location, the Auckland Town Hall -- a building of cultural significance noted for its unusual shape. It has been described as “a wedge of cheese or a decrepit flat iron.”

The dozen photographs in the 'Through the decades' section document significant aspects of the Hall's history from its construction in 1910, to the creation of Aotea Square in the 1970s.

Ref: Hubert Vaile, The Auckland Town Hall under construction,
1910, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 2-V1409
Ref: Henry Winkelmann, Auckland Town Hall from the corner of Wakefield Street, with
the Grey statue, 28 January 1921, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W1746

Monday, October 20, 2014

For the love of books

'For the love of books: an exhibition of contemporary fine press and artists' books' is now open at Sir George Grey Special Collections. The 25 books on show are a selection of the best international and national examples of fine book making held by this collection.

A short film showing seven of the books exhibited with their pages turning or unfolding is showing in the exhibition and online. The exhibition coincides with the Association of Book Crafts International Conference in Auckland from 24-26 October.

Below are a selection of views of some of the exhibited books.

Ref: Julie Chen. A guide to higher learning. California: Flying Fish Press, 2009.

Ref: Ronald King and Roy Fisher. Anansi Company: a collection of thirteen
hand-made wire and card rod-puppets.
London: Circle Press, 1992.

Ref: Joseph Guy Lubbock. From the snows to the seas: original prints and text. London, Bertram Rota Limited; Cambridge: Rampant Lions Press, 1986.