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Explore medieval manuscripts on Kura Heritage Collections Online

One of the inspirations for our current heritage exhibition Miraculous: medieval manuscripts was being able to view our entire medieval manuscripts collection on Kura Heritage Collections Online . Over half of these remarkable books are fully digitised and can be browsed and enjoyed from any device or location.  Explore more from the books that feature in the Miraculous exhibition below, or dive into the full collection of medieval manuscripts here . Rossdhu Book of Hours Medieval manuscripts are often described as “illuminated”, meaning embellished with gold, silver and luminous colours. These illuminations are found in the initial letters of words, and in borders and pictures. As well as being decorative and a pleasure to look at, initials and borders help the reader to find the way through a book of tightly written text with no page numbers or punctuation. They play the role of headings and punctuation by marking the start of a new section and indicating paragraphs, verses, or corr

Miraculous: medieval manuscripts - an exhibition playlist

Miraculous: medieval manuscripts is a rare opportunity to see a diverse range of books from Auckland Libraries’ exceptional collection of medieval manuscripts. The exhibition runs from 16 August until 11 November 2023 at Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero, the Central City Library.  This audio playlist compliments the exhibition. Hear more from the curators, Jane Wild and Renee Orr, and learn more about the books on display with two tracks from rare book specialist Georgia Prince's Meet a Rare Book  talk series. Listen below to hear Georgia talk about what makes these books special, why and how they were made, and how they found their way into our public library. Miraculous medieval manuscripts - Curators talk In this track we hear exhibition curators Jane Wild and Renee Orr share impressions, selections and insights into medieval manuscripts currently on display in the Gallery - Level 2 Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero | Central City Library. Boethius and Fragments In this session we get up close with t

I ō Tātou Hapori: The Voices and the People of Our Neighbourhood

Enjoy a visit to the Franklin Arts Centre and Pukekohe Library to see and hear the exhibition 'I ō Tātou Hapori – The Voices and the People of Franklin: Our Neighbourhood.' The exhibition shares a sample of images and voices from the Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections and Franklin Local History Collection and is on view 9-30 August 2023.  Listen to the voices of the exhibition on a range of themes below. Memories of school Listen to a range of voices related to school and schooling. Ngā Pātaka Kōrero - Auckland Libraries · Memories of School Voices on this track include: Violet Keith, Patrick Gallagher, Gwen Francis, Mere Thompson, Dorothy Postles, Pritam Singh, Tony Waters.  Farming and Agriculture Pukekohe and the wider district are best known for their rich soils and agriculture. In these clips, we hear from experienced voices on the business of farming and market gardening. Ngā Pātaka Kōrero - Auckland Libraries · Farming and Agriculture Voices on this track include: