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Lizzie Frost Rattray: journalist, suffragist and welfare worker

Journalism was a paid employment option for some tough and dedicated women in nineteenth-century Aotearoa. However, many women journalists had to remain freelancers. Lizzie Frost Rattray became one of the first women in New Zealand to become an employed, professional journalist. Lizzie Frost Fenton was born on 22 March 1855 in Dunedin. She was educated in England and France, and returned to Auckland in 1881, where she took charge of the Young Women’s Institute, which was a forerunner of the YWCA. Image: New Zealand Graphic. Mrs Lizzie Frost Rattray, 1892. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections, NZG-18920723-735-1. Lizzie was also involved with the Girls’ Friendly Society which gave assistance to girls and young women immigrating to Auckland. Image: New Zealand Graphic. The Girls’ Friendly Society, 1909. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections, NZG-19090901-31-4. On 1 March 1883, Lizzie Frost Fenton married William Rattray, a prominent Auckland draper. Rattray was the honorary secreta