Diaries in the spotlight

A new exhibition at Turnbull Library Gallery called 'Logs to Blogs' opened on  29 July and runs until 28 September in Wellington. Focusing on diaries and the many different forms that this takes, a wide range of diaries and their authors are included in this exhibition. Find out more about the exhibition and the planned series of related talks.

Ref: 4-7046, woman writing, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Auckland Libraries holds a number of fascinating diaries in its heritage collections. For example, Sir George Grey Special collections holds Mrs. Felton Mathew's original journal (or diary) of her voyage to New Zealand, March 2nd 1840 - February 21st 1844. Ref: NZMS 7, Sir George Grey Special Collections. The record can be viewed on Manuscripts Online - simply enter the search term felton mathew, which will bring up the diary and other material by Sarah, such as her sketch books and letters from her cousin and future husband.

Ref: 2-V1108, man writing, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The four research centres in Central, South, West and North hold a wide variety of published diaries. Including diaries from: Rev. R. Burrows during Heke's war in the North (1845); Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923); Annie & Harold Beauchamp on board R.M.S. "Ruahine, travelling from Wellington to London (1898) and a NZ solider in a POW camp during WW2,

Forget Facebook and Twitter, diaries were (and still are) the original way to record your thoughts. And these heritage collections at Auckland Libraries let you dip into the past & play time traveller, become a voyeur to someone else's life, play detective by piecing together their life story or solve a mystery and more!