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2011 Trans-Tasman Anzac Day blog challenge review

Another Anzac Day has been and gone, and our desire to remember our people who served in the Wars doesn't seem to be waning.

With much pride, I watched my 10-year old twin daughters parade with their Cub Scout Pack at the citizens Anzac commemoration in Browns Bay. It was a cold wet morning, and despite this, there were just as many people of all ages this year, as there have been in previous years' when it was fine and dry.

At the end of March, Twigs of Yore blogger, Shelley, and myself, issued a Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge to get people to share their stories of their loved ones and their sacrifices.

Like the Anzac Day parade, I was humbled to see how many people wanted to pay tribute and remember their family members. Naturally, most bloggers were Aussies or Kiwis, but we also had bloggers from UK and the US, sharing their family stories of their own Anzacs.

Not all the stories are of Kiwis or Aussies who died during one of the Wars. Some of the stories are of su…