New addition to the names of those buried in St Stephens Cemetery, Parnell

Here at the Central Auckland Research Centre, every so often I am able to add one or two more names to the records we have of those buried in Symonds Street Cemetery, in Grafton. However, it is very rare to be able to add a new name to those buried in the St Stephens Cemetery, in Parnell.

Ref: 4-8857, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The last survey, a photographic one of all the remaining headstones, was carried out in May 1995 and  so I was most surprised to hear about a 1977 burial.

Dorothy Butler Alexander (nee Colbeck) died on 4 January 1977 and we now know that she was buried with her two sisters Flora and Ruth in St Stephens. Their father John was buried in Purewa Cemetery. Her name wasn't on the headstone in 1995 and her death notice just said private internment. The special issue of the 'Auckland-Waikato Historical Journal (October/November 1996, Number 68) on St Stephens didn't note this burial either.

Ref: Family gravestone listing  Dorothy Bulter Alexander's name (second from top), taken by David Verran
Nevertheless, there is now a new headstone on top of the former one with her name added. We are now able to update our online Cemetery records database covering St Stephens and Symonds St cemeteries.

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Author: David Verran, Central Auckland Research Centre


  1. St. Stephen's cemetery is a fascinating historical site and record of early Auckland and New Zealand. I always enjoy visiting it.

  2. Nice job...i'm sure a family genealogist in many years to come will appreciate the effort :)

  3. From David Verran, the author of this post: 'The information came to me from Carolyn Cameron, Parnell researcher'.


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