Pinning cows - now on Historypin!

Ref: AWNS-19010322-8-1, Ploughing, 1901, Sir George Grey Special Collections
You may remember a post called 'Pinning cows' from last month (Thursday 7 February). Well we have gone and done it and now have a shiny new Historypin collection dedicated to cows and the dairy industry in New Zealand! Don't worry no real cows or packs of butter were harmed in this process ....
Ref: 2-V1223, Milk maid milking a cow, 1906-1908, Sir George Grey Special Collections
To access the 'Pinning Cows' collection, go to the Auckland Libraries, Heritage and Research channel/profile page on the Historypin website, scroll down the page and click on the Collections tab and choose the 'Pinning Cows' collection.

Link to AL Heritage & Research content on Historypin
Enjoy the range of heritage images in the collection showing cows, the dairy industry and dairy products from different points in time. From cows on the beach to cows being loaded onto ships; dairy products on display at the Auckland Exhibition 1898-1899 to an Anchor butter billboard sign on Queen Street, this collection has it all!

Ref: 4-7051, Milking a cow, no date, Sir George Grey Special Collections