Culture, entertainment and leisure in Wellsford and nearby locations, Pt 2

This is the second part of this post about leisure in the northern parts of the Auckland region.

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Culture, leisure and entertainment have changed with changing technologies. In the early part of the 20th century the travelling People’s Picture company was very popular. It regularly visited Matakana, Puhoi, Wellsford and other places during the summer months.

Travelling picture show, Waikato, 1914

New technologies became increasingly available during and after World War Two, bringing more leisure activities into people’s homes.

Gramophone and printing press on display at Warkworth District’s Museum

Ref: Carolyn Skelton, Gramophone & print press, Warkworth Museum, 2014, Rodney Image Collections, North Auckland Research Centre, Auckland Libraries.

Judy Waters talks about going to the pictures at Warkworth Town Hall, during and after World War Two. An extract can be heard at Local History Online: Oral history interview with Judy Waters, 2015, OH-1239-003. The full interview is held at the West Auckland Research Centre at Waitakere Central Library, with copies held at Warkworth District’s Museum, and the North Auckland Research Centre at Takapuna Library.

In the 21st century, multimedia on digital devices can be carried easily between private and public locations. They are platforms for communication, entertainment, information and education. 

Wellsford War Memorial Library (Te Whare Pukapuka O Wakapirau he Tohu Whakamaharatanga ki Ngā Pakanga) provides computers with internet access and free wifi connections for mobile devices. It also has print, video and audio items for public use. The library is solar powered, and it is the site of a war memorial

Wellsford War Memorial Library - Te Whare Pukapuka O Wakapirau he Tohu Whakamaharatanga ki Ngā Pakanga

Ref: Carolyn Skelton, Wellsford War Memorial Library, February 2015.

Author: Carolyn Skelton