Family History brick wall clinics at your local Research Centres

Our four Research Centres all have New Zealand family history resources, and staff on hand who are able to assist with most of your family history enquiries.

At Research Central, we have an international family history collection and I am based there.

Last year, we piloted a new initiative called Brick Wall Tuesday, where I got to do 'Book a Librarian' sessions at the other research centres. Each Tuesday, I am at a different research centre.

It was very successful, so we decided to continue this initiative again this year.

The Book a Research Librarian service is offered to those customers who:
  • need assistance to begin their family history research 
  • need help to use the family and local history databases and subscription websites 
  • have a family history research ‘brick wall’ that they need assistance with 
It is a "how to" training service to enable customers to be able to carry out their own research. It is not really a research service i.e.- we are not doing the research for the customer, although we may do so during the tutorial session.

To get the best out of this session, we ask the customer to fill in a form telling us some brief background details and a pedigree chart of the branch of the family the query is about.

Think about what you need:
  • What is your question? 
  • Provide names, dates and country of people (or places) you are needing information for 
  • Where have you looked already? 
  • What proof do you already have about that person (people)?
  • Most importantly - have you already got hold of any birth, marriage or death certificates that may answer your question? Review them again with fresh eyes.
Hope to see some of you soon

Happy hunting