Food for thought - an audio feast

Enjoy a feast of audio content from Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections and beyond. The Food for thought exhibition runs from 28 September 2020 – 31 January 2021 at Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero, the Central City Library. Including rare books, manuscripts, menus, posters and oral histories, the exhibition celebrates the role food plays in family, belonging and culture.

Curators chat

Take a walk around the gallery with exhibition curators Elspeth Orwin and Harriet Rogers.

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Sue Gee on Jack Chong's New Look Cook Book

One of the books on display in the exhibition is 'Jack Chong's New Look Cook Book : Exciting new ways to cook Chinese and Kiwi food'. Sue Berman caught up with Sue Gee for a chat about the family food story and ingredients that culminated in her father's recipe book being produced to compliment his special marinades.

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Kiribati to Aotearoa

In this track Sue Berman talks with Teri Taukoriri about growing up in Kiribati and her favourite fish and cooking methods here in New Zealand. In the first part Teri recalls everyday meals and then shares memories of special celebrations and associated cooking in Kiribati. Fish is everyday, chicken every now and then but pigs are for special occasions. Teri goes on to talk about how important fish is to the family here in New Zealand and her favourite way to cook and prepare fish. This track includes a surprising use for kina!

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Fishy tales from the archive

In this compilation Sue Berman shares voices from Auckland Libraries oral history and sound archive which tell a fishy tale. We begin with the voice of Mabel Kewene who in 1983 delivered a talk to the Māngere Bridge Historical Society that included reflections of growing up in Māngere and gathering shell fish in the Manukau Harbour along the coast. Next Najib Corban, born in 1909, recalls his childhood fishing in the Henderson Creek and the plentiful nature of a catch of sprats. Finally, is the voice of Beverly Reed who also describes fishing on the Manukau Harbour and the plentiful nature of fish prior to pollution in the waterways. She also recalls Mrs Gossleman’s fish van outside Lopdell House in Titirangi.

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Alexa Johnston on the Edmonds Cookbook

In this track rare books specialist Jane Wild caught up with food historian Alexa Johnston for a chat about the history and heroes of the Edmonds Cookery Book through the ages.

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Gardens, Christmas and celebratory foods!

In this compilation we hear the voice of Helene Ataya (née Corban). Helena was born in 1911, the youngest daughter of Henderson's pioneer winemakers Assid and Najibie Corban. Here she recalls the list of fresh produce grown by her mother including some of the special ingredients needed for Lebanese cooking. Next we hear Alice Palmer recall her family Christmas dinner food and mention of a very special addition to the Christmas pudding. Finally we hear Sue Gee's interview with Connie Kum for the oral history project, From Guangdong to Aotearoa. Connie discusses celebration Chinese food and the meaning the different foods represent.

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