Roald Dahl Day

The 13 September was Roald Dahl Day. Each year, the focus of this day is on celebrating the life and work of Roald Dahl, one of the world's most popular and beloved writers for children.

Ref: AWNS-19140122-52-4, picking friend at an orchard in Henderson, Auckland, 1914, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Dahl's picture books, novels, short stories, poetry and memoirs are all classics and popular not only with children but adults too. His timeless works such as 'James and the Giant Peach' (1961), 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (1964), 'Revolting Rhymes' (1982), 'Tales of the unexpected' (1980) and 'The Witches' (1983) are of enduring interest and relevance to all readers.

Ref: 7-C1813, advertising poster for 'Somerdale Cube Block Milk Chocolate', made by Fry, c.1920-1949, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Roald Dahl Day is a great opportunity to discover re-read a favourite or discover something you haven't read before. The Central Auckland Research Centre has a collection of Dahl's fictional stories, which can be viewed at Central City Library. At Auckland Libraries locations around the region, there are also a wide selections of Dahl books in a variety of different formats, which can be borrowed and enjoyed at home, including books, ebooks, audiobook and movies.