Comic Book Month

To celebrate Comic Book Month this September at Auckland Libraries, Sir George Grey Special Collections is displaying a range of classic mid-to-late 20th century comics in the Reading Room cabinet (on display until the end of the month).

Graphic literature (to use the technical flash term) has a long history, part of which includes the serialised superhero, action, science fiction and war comics of the last century. These were most often printed cheaply on newsprint and were considered ephemeral and throw away like the 'daily rag' newspaper. Nowadays comics from the 'Golden Age of American comics' - considered to be the 1930s to 1950s, are sought after by comics collectors, and fetch high prices.

Ref: Display case of comics in the Sir George Grey Special Collections
Another graphic literary tradition is the political comic, many examples of which can be found in the Sir George Special Collections. In 2012, 'Joking Aside', an exhibition of satirical comic strips and cartoons on political or social themes was exhibited at Special Collections.

Auckland Libraries also has a range of heritage resources relating to comics for you to browse through including: NZ comics and graphic novels, Masters of American comics, Victorian comics, adventure comics. So get your super powers ready and check them out!

Author: Angeline Chirnside, Sir George Grey Special Collections