Christmas in New Zealand

It is becoming a bit of a tradition at this time of the year on Heritage et AL for us to highlight some of the Christmassy items and images we have in our heritage collections at Auckland Libraries.

After enjoying these images do also have a look at the wonderful Advent calendar that was created a few years ago featuring digitised Christmas cards from the Ephemera collection in Sir George Grey Special Collections.

The Duke of Gloucester on his Royal Visit enjoys a Southern Hemisphere Christmas:

For more on the World War One postcards and Christmas cards see our previous posts on this subject.

Sir John Logan Campbell sent out annual Christmas greeting cards of which we have four examples (1903-1906) in our collection:

For more information on Sir John Logan Campbell have a look at our previous posts and our Historypin collection.

There are some great Christmas sets on Digital NZ if you are keen to see more images from around the country. Internationally, the National Library of Australia has put together a great list of historical Christmas greetings that can be found in collections around Australia and Toronto Public Library has done the same for their collections.

Merry Christmas from the Heritage and Research teams at Auckland Libraries.

Author: Andrew Henry