Summer Holidays

The few weeks over Christmas and New Year are a popular time for many in New Zealand to take some time off from work and, weather permitting, enjoy some fun in the sun.

So whether you’re working through the summer holidays, at the bach or even in a different hemisphere we hope you enjoy this collection of images of New Zealand summer holidays.

Last week we wrote about the interesting story behind the Riverhead Dump photograph collection. All of the images in this post are also from that collection. 


  1. Kirsty - North Auckland Research Centre, Takapuna Library29 December 2014 at 11:57

    Really nice choice of images, Andrew - they give such a strong sense of time and place. Slide transparencies like these always have such great colour compared to print photos. I hope someone's able to identify the holiday spot.

  2. Thanks! There has been quite a bit of interesting chatter about the photos on the Old Auckland and Historic New Zealand Photos Facebook pages.

  3. Love these images, particularly the sports car shot - incredible colour and texture. Thanks!


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