Julius von Haast

Ref: 7-A11197, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Today marks the 125th anniversary of the death of Julius von Haast (1822-1887). German born geologists Haast and Ferdinand Hochstetter (1829-1884) were responsible for much of the early geological surveying in the South Island, particularly around the Canterbury region.

Haast had a number of of flora and fauna and landscape features named after him including: Haastia (an alpine plant), the extinct Haast's Eagle (the largest eagle to have ever lived), the Haast River and the Haast Pass.

Find out more about Haast and his written works. Auckland Libraries heritage holdings include letters from Haast to Sir George and maps as seen below (in both instances enter the search term 'Haast' into the databases) in the Sir George Grey Special Collections at Central City Library.
Ref: NZ Map 5694e, Sir George Grey Special Collections
Ref: NZ Map 199, Sir George Grey Special Collections


  1. Poor Julius...shaken in his grave that's for sure. Buried at Holy Trinity churchyard in Avonside, Christhurch which was devastated along with so many other lovely stone churches and since demolished. You can see his grave and the proximity to the ruined church here.



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