The Sir George Grey Special Collections at the Central City Library holds the archive of Broadsheet magazine as well as copies of  items such as the magazine, letters, posters, Broadsheet was a feminist magazine focusing on women's issues, publishedin New Zealand between 1973-1997.

On display in the reading room cabinet at the moment, is a selection of photographs from the recently acquired photographic print archive of the magazine. The display includes images of protest events, notably by New Zealand women, and of the interior of an early incarnation of the Broadsheet bookshop. This bookshop eventually became 'The Women's Bookshop' which is now located on Ponsonby Road.
Ref: NZMS596, Broadsheet bookshop badges, c. 1982/1983, Sir George Grey Special Collections
The collection itself consists of some images which are ordered chronologically according to event. Some are also arranged alphabetically according to the name of person. The collection is particularly strong on the 1970s and 1980s, though there are also a few later photographs. An inventory is available for consultation, and each print is accompanied by information about the photographer and the subject.

Pictured in this blog post is an image of artist and writer Miriam Saphira modelling some of the badges that were for sale at the Broadsheet bookshop. These badges showcase many of the popular feminist slogans, witticisms and imagery of the period that Broadsheet was in print.

Author: Angeline Chirnside, Sir George Grey Special Collections