Beauty pageant photographic collection

The South Auckland Research Centre has recently added 1142 photographs to our image database Footprints. To date this database now includes a selection of over 8000 photographs and other images relating to South Auckland, and adjoining areas.

A sample of thirty-two photographs from the Beauty Pageant Photographic Collection, donated by beauty pageant organiser Val Lott, has been added covering the years 1990 – 2003.

There are some wonderful titles given to contestants relating to the sponsors of these events, which include ‘Miss Park in the Bar’ and ‘Miss Stomping Penguin Hairdressers’ (below).

Val coordinated Miss Howick, Miss Counties, Miss Auckland, Miss North Harbour and Miss New Zealand Asia Pacific, and from 2006 – 2012 Miss Universe New Zealand. Under her guidance several contestants have won the Miss New Zealand title, and represented New Zealand in international pageants, where some placed in the top five.

The Beauty Pageant Photographic Collection contains six scrapbooks, thirteen photograph albums, newspaper clippings and items of ephemera relating to fashion parades in Howick 1984 – 1986 and Miss Howick and national and international beauty pageants from 1988 – 2012.

We’re sure this collection will be of great value to fashion and design students as well as those interested in social and local history.

Author: Lynn Diedricks, South Auckland Research Centre