Commemorating - "Influenza 100"

After four years of the most horrific warfare the modern world has ever known, the First World War's end was in sight. More than 10 million soldiers were killed and around the same amount of civilians. Of the number killed, 18,000 New Zealanders had been lost on the battlefields and at sea. In a population of just over a million people, the loss of 18,000 meant that no family was left untouched.
The public waiting their turn at the inhalation chamber,
Health Department's Buildings, Auckland.
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections,

There was a feeling of anticipation tempered with feelings of loss, for our people returning home. A cruel twist of fate meant that any celebration was curtailed, as influenza swept through the world killing upwards of 50 million people. More than the war itself.

In a couple of short months approximately 9000 (over 2000 are known to be Māori) New Zealanders succumbed to the influenza and the associated secondary infections.

Auckland was badly hit with a death rate of 7.5 per 1000 people, making an approximate total of 1128 Pakeha and 35 Māori.

Waikumete Cemetery was the main burial ground in Auckland for influenza victims, with 465 people so far, who have been confirmed to have been buried there.

Family history website Ancestry's Jason Reeve has been working with Professor Geoffrey Rice, the author of Black November, and research groups such as Discover Waikumete, to research and collate the names of the people who died in the pandemic. The research is ongoing, and the list currently has 5500 names and when completed the list will be available free for people to access on Ancestry.

Ancestry’s list of the 5500 names of people, has also been provided for the Auckland Libraries website. The list is in pdf format, and can be downloaded from this blog, and can also be searched. Some entries do not yet have first names, and there may be the inevitable transcription errors.

Did you have a relative who died in the pandemic who is not on the list? Let us know! Any errors or additions and alterations can be emailed to us at with Correction Pandemic in the subject line.

Black November by Professor Geoffrey Rice
Discover Waikumete website