Whatipu Post Office

Ref: JTD06E-04475-2, Paratutai Island (foreground), 1977, West Auckland Research Centre

Did you know that there was once a small wooden Post Office located at Paratutai Wharf at the base of Paratutai Island in the Waitakere ranges? The building was subsequently relocated to Whatipu, a short distance away. The building is a simple shed with weatherboard walls and corrugated iron gabled roof. It was built between 1870-1909.

Ref: JTD-06A-00191, Whatipu Post Office and wharf, 1907, West Auckland Research Centre

The building is now part of the Whatipu Lodge complex, located among the dramatic scenery of this area. It has provided accommodation for sightseers for nearly a century. The complex includes the Former Post Office, the Gibbons Homestead (built circa 1867), the four Cabin Blocks (built in 1910) and the Former Dairy (construction date unknown). So if you go and stay at these heritage building during your holidays, have a look around you and you will be rewarded with glimpses of the past.
Ref: Whatipu Lodge complex, 2010, Auckland Council GIS Viewer