International Tracing Service

The International Commission for the International Tracing Service (ICITS)  is handing over management of the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen to the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv) after over 50 years. The ICITS will continue to give technical expertise, helping the ITS serve the victims of Nazi persecution and their families.

Ref: T7129, North Auckland Research Centre
The archives cover civilians detained in Nazi concentration or labour camps and people who had to flee their homes because of World War II. They house over 50 million card files relating to more than 17.5 million civilians persecuted by the Nazis.

Founded in 1943, the ITS provides answers to millions of families who had lost touch with relatives during WWII. “The ITS strives to be of service to people,” Maurer added. “Yes, it possesses archives, but those archives reflect human beings and the unthinkable suffering of so many millions during the Second World War and beyond.”
Ref: T7128, North Auckland Research Centre
The Federal Archives have the legal responsibility for permanently preserving the federal archival documents and making them available for use. This includes files, papers, cartographic records, pictures, posters, films, sound recordings and machine-readable data dating from 1495 to the present. Access is provided on site at the archives and online through inventories and an image database.