Piha Radar Station

Ref: JTD-04A-01111, Piha Number 4 Radar Station antenna, 1958, West Auckland Research Centre
The Piha Radar Station was constructed during WW2 by the NZ Air Force. Located at the end of Log Race Road in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, it was part of a network of radar stations along New Zealand's coast. The purpose of this site was to use radio wave transmission aerials and receiving equipment to detect any signs of attack from enemy aircrafts or vessels.

Ref: JTD-04J-01110, Te Ahuahu Road and radar station, 1958, West Auckland Research Centre
The site was closed permanently in the 1950s and the buildings and other structures removed. However, there are remains that can still be seen, including the concrete pads where the aerial tower once stood.

Ref: JTD-04A-00307-1, remains at radar station site and Hikurangi beacon, 1963, West Auckland Research Centre
This site has been added to the schedule of significant historic heritage places in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. Submissions for this plan close at the end of the month.

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Ref: JTD-04A-00307-2, remains at radar station site, 1963, West Auckland Research Centre
Ref: Aerial of Log Race Rd, Piha with remains of radar station visible, Auckland Council GIS Viewer